• John Wheeler Fitness

  • Posted on May 22, 2016
  • As an entrepreneur and founder of FitnessOne center, John Wheeler has created a successful chain of fitness and health clubs based in Toronto. He founded the club based on his belief that getting healthier is not easy for many people and that overall health and wellness is a lot more important than losing some weight or developing a “perfect body.

    Based on that vision, FitnessOne is more than a gym, it is a unique wellness center that promotes members’ overall health at a very low cost. While the club was founded with a goal to help women lead healthy lives, over the last decade their programs have expanded to accommodate everyone, regardless of sex, race, creed, body type or personality. Because of the John Wheeler fitness vision, there is no one who is too unhealthy, too weak or too old to benefit from the program.

    FitnessOne has become enormously popular over the years because John Wheeler wanted to provide the health and fitness results that the customers have been looking for, and to do so at a lower price. The club is well regarded throughout Toronto because of a proven track record in helping its members to improve their quality of life.

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